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Bradenton Towing Services provides towing services throughout the Sarasota, FL and Bradenton, FL area. We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week including all holidays and weekends. There’s no job too big or small. Nothing we can’t get done for our customers. Save our number for your future needs. Our drivers are available 24 hours 7 days a week including all holidays and weekends. 



5 Reasons to Choose Bradenton Towing Service Company

When choosing a bradenton towing service company, the options you are faced with can be overwhelming, especially if you need a tow right now. With Bradenton Towing Service Company, you can rest assured you are in good hands. Bradenton Towing Service is one of the highest recommended towing companies in the Bradenton, FL area, and we wanted to give you five reasons to call us right now for your towing service needs.

1. Local Service – You can’t beat local service when it comes to a Bradenton towing company. When your towing company is local, you can ensure that they’ll be there faster than the national company who is too busy shuffling papers to get their tow truck driver on the road within the hour. You could be stuck waiting for hours and hours, missing the work presentation you were geared up to give or that family dinner you had been looking forward to for weeks.

2. A Friendly Smile – When you think of a tow truck driver, what the movies have portrayed may be what comes to mind: a scruffy guy who smells like he hasn’t showered for weeks on end and never smiles once. Smiling is a friendly show of professionalism and kindness, and it’s something that we value at Bradenton Towing Service. We promise that our tow truck drivers are friendly (and shower regularly.)

3. Quality Equipment and Service – How are we supposed to tow your car if our equipment fails? Our job relies on time-efficiency, friendly service and quality equipment. You can count on our equipment being up to state standard, ready to provide all of your towing needs. On top of that, you can expect quality service as well. We will work with you to provide the solution you need at the most affordable cost to you.

4. Quick Arrival Times – This is another benefit of having a local company do your towing for you – quick arrival times. With Bradenton Towing, you don’t need to worry about the corporation shuffling papers for two hours before they finally get their driver on the road to meet you, after their hour drive. Bradenton towing is located right inside of Bradenton, so you can expect quick arrival times any time of day or night.

5. Quality Service No Matter the Time – We strive to provide the best for our clients, which includes having our tow truck drivers available 24-hours a day. We understand if you’re driving home from your vacation or to a friends house, it could be 3 in the morning or 3 in the afternoon when you call us, and that’s just fine.


We’re the best towing company in Bradenton. We provide fast response as well as a reliable and affordable towing service. Simply put, we are the best Towing Service and Tow Truck Company in Bradenton!

Sometimes we experience unwanted situations while driving. Your car breakdown because of flat tires, engine fails or even locked out. Your gas is empty and other mechanical issues. You don’t need to experience all of them. Call the fastest towing service in Bradenton. We’re here to serve you!

Are you in need of towing assistance? You don’t need to worry! We are here to give you the fastest assistance ever! You don’t need to be like other that aren’t into road signals.

Call Bradenton Towing Service and we’ll be there to assist you. We can guarantee you that you car will not be charged for illegal parking. We can also help you unauthorized parked vehicle on your area. Bradenton Towing will not just provide roadside assistance. We can also help you repossessing unpaid car loans even sending bills with illegal parking guilty party.

Why Should You Call the Most Affordable Towing Company in Bradenton?

Why Should You Call the Most Affordable Towing Company in I-75?

Here are the top 7 of a hundred out of a hundred reasons why you should call us

  • Like our family, they need special care and we don’t want to see them at their worst time due to a car breakdown. Here at Bradenton towing service, we treat everyone as a part of our family. Rest assured that you are going to have special care like a family.
  • We provide you with affordable towing service in Bradenton. We don’t want to use your situation. You can trust us on your car issues. We have the fastest assistance. We are reliable and will give you the most affordable rate. We will not let you wait and you’ll be happier that you choose us.
  • We are the fastest towing service in Bradenton. Once we got a phone call from you, we will dispatch you to our next available driver and will assist you immediately. We have the standards on how to respond. We are extremely strict with our time management. Sometimes there is an untimely situation that we cannot respond immediately, You don’t need to worry about that. We can resolve it as soon as possible. We have a high number of drivers to handle the situation.
  • We are the most reliable towing company in Bradenton. If there will be a delay, we will let you know thru a phone call as soon as possible. We deliver a quote once we answer your phone call. And we can give a guarantee that we have the most reasonable pricing and affordable towing company in Bradenton.
  • As Bradenton’s premier towing service company, car breakdown comes anytime. That’s why we are giving 24/7 services that can assist you. We don’t care what time are you calling. Our priority is to assist you immediately. Just call us and we’ll be there right away.
  • Here at Towing Service in Bradenton, we have an equipped team and well-trained to handle any kinds of road situations. We provide the most secured transportation for your vehicles. Upon loading, we already give and extra security. We can guarantee you that your vehicles are safe.

The Premier Towing Service in Bradenton

Have you ever experience to be stuck in the middle of the road and need immediate roadside assistance? Call US! The best towing Service in Bradenton will give you the fastest assistance!

We know how much you can pay just to get you out of the situation. But I-49 Towing Service will not take advantage of you! We will give you the most reasonable pricing. We don’t want to use the situation at your most inconvenient time. You’ be happier that you called the best Towing Service on I-75  instead of someone else!

So what are you waiting for? Just take a look on our number on the page and will give you the fastest assistance. Whatever situation you had we can help you! We can also take you to whatever places you want. Pricing depends on the location. But the closer the trip means a cheaper rate.

There are untimely situations. We really can’t tell when your car is gonna breakdown. But the thing you need is a local towing company in Bradenton that can provide you the fastest assistance ever.

We know how hard the situation is. We understand the feeling when you need an assistance but no one is answering your phone call. Think of the day that your car breakdown and you have been stuck on the road. We promise you to give the fastest assistance. We’ll answer your phone call right away. We’ll give the assurance of not leaving you on those situations. We will treat you like how we care to our mother.

Towing I-75

Bradenton Towing Service began with one tow truck driver in the Bradenton area who worked to help provide towing service on I75and had a dream to eventually build his own company. We have been serving Bradenton and adding to the fleet that we have today. When you think of Towing I-75, think of us. We have service vehicles and tow trucks in every part of Bradenton ready to serve you should you need it. Today we perform light duty towing, medium duty towing, commercial towing, DARP towing, emergency roadside assistance, lockouts, jumpstarts and more. We have partnered with major insurance companies to perform their emergency towing and roadside assistance needs as well as major motorist clubs. We have also help with emergency accident towing I-75 so that you and your vehicle will be safe when you need us the most. Trust us with you and your vehicle’s safety when the moment comes. Our 24-hour tow trucks are just one call away for your all of your needs.

Bradenton Towing Service

Are you looking for reliable and cheap tow service in Bradenton? You have just found the most excellent and professional rescue services offered by I-75 Towing. For many years, we have offered a broad range of services including emergency roadside service and towing services. For a large-scale recovery or basic service call, we always send a qualified driver having knowledge, experience and appropriate tools to finish the job safely and promptly. Our tow truck service in Bradenton is regarded as the best in this regard and available for call at any point of time every day. With 24/7 tow trucks; we promise to give reliable and fast towing service so that you are not left stranded on the road. We are also offering car repossessions and auto recovery services in Bradenton.

5 Best Practices to Maintain Your Automobile
For a lot of us, maintaining a vehicle is a passion. It’s what gets you up in the mornings, excited for the day. From polishing the sleek exterior of the car, to taking a look under the hood and making sure your prized possession is in tip-top health.

For a lot of other people, however, it’s not their first priority. Their first priority involves driving the car and getting to their destination. Often times their car will suffer long before they ever know it, and they only find out when it’s brought to a mechanic’s shop or something else goes wrong.

No matter where your priorities are when it comes to your trusted car, it’s always important to keep up with a few key things. Below, we’ve compiled five best practices you can add into your routine to maintain your automobile’s health.

  • Check Your Tires – It’s important to check your tires regularly, especially during seasons of extreme dryness or extreme rain. A tire blowout can be expensive as well as dangerous if your car swerves into other traffic. You can prevent this by checking your tires regularly and ensuring they have the proper tread depth recommended by your manufacturer.
  • Check Your Fluids – By checking your car’s fluids, you can keep your car’s health up-to-date and safe to drive. You can check a variety of fluids on your own or have a mechanic do it. Your car’s fluids include transmission fluid, brake fluid, and power steering. Oil can also be checked easily during this process to ensure your engine won’t dry up while you’re driving.
  • Get Your Oil Changed – Oil changes vary between the use of your car and the type of car and oil you have. The recommended time to get your oil changed is every 3,000 miles or three months. This process consists of having your car lifted and the dirty oil drained and new oil replaced. This process is often done at a mechanic’s shop as they have the proper equipment to lift your car and dispose of the oil waste.
  • Regular Check-ups – Taking your car to the mechanic’s shop for a regular check-up is just like taking a loved one (or yourself) to the doctor for a health check-up. There’s a reason why mechanics are often called car doctors. A mechanic can tell you any warning signs they may have found with your car that will need maintenance soon.
  • Check Your Brakes – Having your brakes checked is important, after all, it’s one of the basic functions that provide your safety in a motor vehicle. This check can easily be done at a mechanic’s shop. They can test if your brakes are worn or rusting as well as checking for wear-and-tear on any of the inner workings of your breaks. Towing Company Sarasota

Premier Towing in Bradenton

I-75  Towing is one of the largest tow companies in the Bradenton Area. We offer a wide range of services and because of our size can handle most any job, big or small. Whether you have locked your keys inside your vehicle or have been in an accident, we are here to offer you the best towing service I-75  possible at a cheap affordable price. Call us for any of the following services: WE WORK WITH ALL MAJOR INSURANCE COMPANIES

  • Towing for all types of vehicles, including motorcycles
  • Vehicle Unlocks (Lockouts)
  • Flatbed Towing
  • Motorcycle Towing
  • Recovery/Accidents
  • Tire Changes
  • Jumpstarts
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Winching
  • Tow Offs from Private Property (with proper signing)
  • Local and Long Distance Towing
  • Wheel lift and low clearance garage trucks
  • Fork Lifts
  • Mechanics Tool Boxes
  • Antique/classic car towing
  • Trailer Towing

If you are not seeing your particular item please call us. Being one of Bradenton’s best towing companies we can handle most any job, big or small, and because of our fleet of trucks we are usually in your area.